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What makes stone an all weather choice

Stone being one of the most common and loved flooring option posses certain properties that makes it a no brainer for the consumers. These properties give stone a distinct advantage from the rest and makes it a fan favourite. It's not only the good looks but it's ability to deal with any weather condition that gives it the position of the leader in the flooring industry. There are three reasons why stone stands as an all weather choice:

Heat Retention and Cooling Properties: Stone absorbs the heat and aids in protecting from the harsh heat in the summers. It's perfect for outdoors as well as indoors during a hot summer day. The places which have extreme summers are not easy to live in but with stone it becomes a little easier to face the harsh weather.

Durability: Stone is not affected by the external environment and hence is one of the most durable material on the planet. Be it extra hot summer or chilly winters, stone deals with them easily and they aren't able to cause a significant damage to it. Even during the peak of summers natural stone flooring don't crack because of the heat and the extreme winter snow doesn't match the strength of the stone.

Scratch Resistant and anti-slippery surface: During summers and winter hosting gathering outside or insider will never be a problem as stone is designed to be a surface that caters to the everyday activities of humans. Stone posses the qualities to enhance the quality of living for the humans.

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