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Natural Limestone Flooring Tiles

Looking for the best limestone floor tiles in the UK? We at The Stone Flooring bring you an exceptional collection of limestone floor tiles that are beautiful, durable, and immaculate in every sense of the world. Our carefully curated collection will make it easier for you to explore and find the best natural limestone flooring tiles you need to take your home décor a notch ahead.

Monument Grey Antique Limestone Floor Tiles

£ 88.68/m2 £ 75.38/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mocha Beige Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles

£ 70.00/m2 £ 52.50/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Primrose Beige Limestone Floor Tiles- Polished

£ 55.92/m2 £ 33.55/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Jaipur Black Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles & Exterior Paving

£ 48.92/m2 £ 36.69/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Carbon Black Natural Cleft Limestone Wall Tiles & Flooring

£ 28.83/m2 £ 21.62/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Primrose Beige Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles

£ 56.31/m2 £ 50.68/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Primrose Beige Honed & Brushed Limestone Floor Tiles

£ 65.8/m2 £ 52.64/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Rustic Grey & Brown Antique Limestone Floor Tiles

£ 62.19/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Primrose Beige Limestone Wall Tiles- Honed

£ 53.62/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Nickel Blue-Grey Tumbled Limestone Floor Tiles & Exterior Paving

£ 64.29/m2 £ 48.22/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Battle Grey Antique Limestone

£ 66.00/m2 £ 49.50/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Westminister Beige Limestone Tiles-Antique Look

£ 52.32/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Burnt Sienna Antique Limestone Floor Tiles

£ 73.19/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Explore A Smorgasbord of Different Colours & Finishes in Limestone Floor Tiles

Can there be a home décor revolution without the use of splendid natural limestone flooring? Well, at The Stone Flooring, we understand the impact of installing limestone floor tiles to create a space that never fails to spellbind others with its everlasting beauty and grace. And thus, we offer an amazing collection of limestone bathroom tiles at the prices that will never put a strain on your wallet.

Everyone under the sun enjoys living in a home that not only has all the comfort but also has a visual charm replete with aesthetics. And, the finest way to achieve it is to use natural stones for floors and walls. Unlike other stones like marble and granite, limestone effect floor tiles do not feel sterile and are highly durable owing to the fact that they have high mineral composition. When treated with sealers, the surface of the interior natural limestone flooring can be protected from stains and becomes easy to clean.

Apart from durability, these tiles are versatile in nature and can be cut in different dimensions to be used in bathrooms, kitchens, living room, bedroom, exteriors, etc. Also, they are available in a variety of earthy tones and natural shades like beige, primrose, rustic grey, brown, and black floor tiles. With excellent finish options for you to choose from, you can pick any out of polished, tumbled, honed, tumbled & brushed, honed & brushed, and so on. So, don’t wait any more, and create a brand-new limestone floor tiles for your living space to grab everyone’s attention.

Natural Limestone Floor Tiles: Making Your Sanctuary Look Complete

You may have designer furniture units, top-notch accessories & fixtures in bathroom, and all the handy cooking devices in kitchen, however, unless you have limestone kitchen floor, and classy flooring for bathroom and other rooms in your space, everything seems incomplete. To add an old-world charm to the ambience, you need limestone floor tiles which you can buy from us at a fair price range. From grey kitchen tiles to beige and other muted tones, make sure you select the right shade in accordance with your choice, existing home décor and interior setting.

If you want an organic and natural look, then you can go for tumbled limestone flooring ideas wherein the tiles go through a process of creating rounded off edges with a worn/weathered look and a slightly chalky surface. A tumbled limestone floor tile will surely get you achieve a timeless look which your space so kindly deserves. As we are widely acknowledged for offering authentic natural stones at great prices, every day we are working our hardest to improve our services. With fastest delivery and easy shopping process, we have won our clients’ trust worldwide. Explore our vast range of tiles and shop for the best ones from our online store today.


  1. What are the advantages of using limestone floor tiles?
    Limestone floor tiles have a natural aesthetic appeal. And this provides earthy colors and visual depth that brings warmth and style to your natural limestone flooring at home. As it is not porous and resists staining. Hence it is also easy to clean and maintain. Polished natural limestone floor tiles provide a refined, shiny appearance. Limestone is also praised for its longevity. And with proper care, limestone tile floors can last for decades.
    Another benefit of natural limestone floor tiles is that they are durable and can stand up well in high-traffic areas. They also do not require sealing like other natural stones, reducing maintenance needs.
    Overall, limestone floor tiles are a versatile, attractive, and long-lasting flooring option. And you can confidently use it as the first choice for flooring.

  2. Are limestone floor tiles suitable for outdoor use?
    Yes, limestone floor tiles are a great option for outdoor use. There are many reasons for the same. Here are a few important reasons.
  • They are weather resistant.
  • Limestone floor tiles are durable and can withstand exposure to the elements. It won't fade or degrade easily when used outdoors.
  • They are slip-resistant.
  • Thanks to its natural traction, limestone floor tiles are slip-resistant. And this is an important safety factor for outdoor floors as moisture can accumulate outdoors.
  • They are highly versatile.
  • You can find limestone in a range of natural tan, brown, and gray hues. These color variations often can complement all types of outdoor spaces, from patios to pool sides and walkways.
  • They require low maintenance.
    Outdoor limestone tiles don't need much upkeep. Occasional cleaning is all that is required. Unlike other stones, they do not need sealing or polishing. All these benefits make limestone tiles at The Stone Flooring a highly sought-after item.
    1. Do limestone floor tiles come in various colors and finishes?
      Yes, they come in various colors and finishes. Some of the most common colors that limestone tiles come in are beige, tan, cream, brown, rust, gray, and black. Subtle dark veining or patterns also make limestone flooring exceptional to look at.  When it comes to finishes, natural stone floor tiles have diverse finishes. A few of the most in-demand finishes are honed, polished, tumbled, brushed, flamed, and textured finishes. This variety lets homeowners match limestone flooring to their specific tastes and design style. At The Stone Flooring, we have most of these colors and finishes and a great collection of natural limestone floor tiles in the UK.

      1. Are limestone floor tiles suitable for high-traffic areas?
        Yes, natural limestone tiles are an excellent choice for high-traffic areas due to their durability and resilience. Limestones have a dense composition which makes them very hard-wearing. And it’s also able to withstand a high volume of foot traffic, moving furniture, etc.
        Limestone has lower rates of wear and abrasion compared to other natural stones. This also makes it a suitable option for high-traffic areas. With proper sealing, you can provide additional protection to the tile and make it more durable. The non-porous nature also resists staining from spills.
        With routine cleaning, limestone tiles can maintain their elegant appearance despite heavy usage in entryways, hallways, kitchens, etc. That’s why you can find limestone flooring and tiles in most homes.

      1. What is the price range for limestone floor tiles?
        The limestone floor tiles price varies based on the finish, color, and size. Hence, it is hard to say how much limestone tiles are going to cost for sure. However, at The Stone Flooring, we have different prices for tiles.
        You will find tiles between two ranges – £30 - £50 and £50 - £100. This enables us to provide high-quality yet cheap limestone floor tiles in the UK for our customers.
        In addition, we also bring different colors and finishes for our customers at varying rates to ensure that they find all they are looking for within their preferred budget.

      1. What finishes are available for limestone floor tiles?
        We have all the unique finishes you want for limestone floor tiles at The Stone Flooring. Our finishes range from antique to honed, honed & brushed, polished, riven, and tumbled. These finishes are perfect for your kitchen, bathroom, interior, or outdoor décor, and we have got them all. And you don’t have to look for these finishes for limestone flooring in the UK anywhere else.
        We have also made it a point to offer the tiles at the most competitive rates to ensure. So that you can find the best limestone floor tiles near me whenever you want to buy them here.

      1. Are limestone tiles easy to maintain?
        Yes, limestone requires very little regular maintenance apart from occasional cleaning. It does not need frequent sealing or polishing like other stones. Limestone has low porosity. Hence, it resists staining and water damage, which makes limestone floor maintenance an easy job for anyone.
        Polished limestone is easiest to clean as the smooth finish prevents dirt buildup. Proper cleaning also keeps the limestone floor tiles in the UK looking good for decades. Minor pits or etches can be buffed out by professionals to make it even more attractive.
        No matter how you look at it, limestone is simpler to maintain with minimal effort, unlike many other natural stone floorings.

      1. How long do limestone tiles last?
        Limestone is a highly durable natural stone. It is resilient to cracking, scratches, and everyday wear and tear. The dense composition of the stone is what makes it very durable.
        However, it is hard to say how long limestone lasts. There are limestone floor tiles that have lasted for centuries in palaces and forts. And durability could be a major reason why they're used in these forts in the first place.
        Stones like marble might need replacement after a decade or so. But limestone tile floors will stay in great shape even after decades. Proper maintenance and using a stone-safe cleaner help preserve the limestone even more.

      1. Is limestone good for the kitchen floor?
        Yes, limestone floor tiles for kitchens are a great option. They stand up well to heavy foot traffic, dropping kitchen items, scraping chair legs, etc. Limestone can also resist damage from spills, grease, and other kitchen messes, and it is also easy to clean.
        Apart from its functional capabilities, limestone also adds an elegant visual appeal to kitchens with its earthy neutral colors. A properly sealed and maintained limestone kitchen floor can last a lifetime, even with daily kitchen use.
        Its durability, aesthetics, and ease of cleaning make limestone ideal for kitchen floors. And if you are looking for limestone kitchen floor tiles in the UK, we have got a huge collection.

      2. What size do limestone tiles come in?
        At The Stone Flooring, we offer limestone tiles for floors in different sizes. The most common sizes available with us are 600x600x15mm, 600x400x12mm, 600x400x13mm, 500xFL (450-850) x15mm, 400 x FL (450-850) x 15mm, 500 x FL (450-850) x 15mm, etc.
        If you are looking for the best limestones, we have all the sizes, colors, and finishes you need. And you will find the best options for limestone flooring in the UK with us. Explore the best limestone in the market on our website and pick the ones you love.

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