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Greek White Decorative Stone Marble Pebbles 40-80mm Mix Size

£23.99 /Bag
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Creating a beautiful home may seem like hard work, but we make it seamless for our decor lovers. To transform your ordinary-looking exteriors and interiors into unique and visually-appealing areas, The Stone Flooring offers white gravel stones with sizes of 40-80 mm. 

These are naturally occurring stone chunks with rounded edges and irregular shaped surfaces, which are later tumbled for smooth appearance. Considered a practical choice for any plot- from paths to patios, these gravels are a great way to add detail and improve the aesthetics of gardens and outdoor spaces with water features. 

When it comes to giving a sculptural finishing touch to a landscaping project, decorators and architects use several aggregates, from slate to pebbles to chippings, but nothing comes close to these white gravel stones. With their natural beauty, flexibility, and ease of use, it has become a popular material to create an exquisite outdoor area for you to enjoy with your family and friends. From giving your courtyards a soothing appeal to creating a textural and naturalistic edge in patios, a warm-toned mix of gravels will offer a refreshing boost. 

Talking about the functionality and usage of these gravels, we cannot afford to miss out on mentioning their application in driveways, paths, garden borders, pond edging, etc. While choosing the size for driveways, make sure you pick medium or large gravels as small gravels will be more inclined to get caught in your car’s tires and strewn about. It can also be blown by heavy winds because it is lighter in weight. 

As there is a huge variety of decorative aggregates available on the market, these white decorative stones will be an ideal purchase as you can easily integrate or mix and match them with a wide range of colours, textures, and sizes of stones. It will help you create a striking contrast which adds subtle uniqueness to your existing decor project. 

No matter what the theme of your plot- modern, traditional, eclectic, cottage, these stones will give your landscaping project a fresh new look this season. Besides, these can be beautifully used to enrich the appearance of your interiors by filling your fish tanks or aquariums. 

Bring a sense of calm and harmony with pristine white decorative stones and get ready to create a textural feast for the eyes.









Suitable for

Driveways, Pathways, Garden borders


Easy to clean, smooth, tumbled


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