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Indian Sandstone Pathway - The Stone Flooring

Durable and visually appealing pathways lead to unforgettable destinations. Imagine a pathway constructed using Indian Sandstone, known for its distinct colours, textures, and longevity. It will surely leave a lasting impression on everyone who walks on it with confidence. With an aim to enhance the overall look and feel of landscapes and outdoor areas of a property, Indian sandstone is widely used across the world.

As pathways serve as connectors that lead people towards gardens, yards, and other outdoor areas, they strongly contribute to the beauty of landscape, making them an integral part of well-designed outdoors. Though there are several other natural stones available at The Stone Flooring, in this blog, we will explore the aesthetic and functional benefits of Indian sandstone. After reading this post, you would know why Indian sandstone pathways ensure timelessness, durability, slip-resistance, and weather-resistance, making them an ideal option to consider for outdoors. Let’s get started!

Benefits & Uses: What Makes Indian Sandstone Pathways Highly Functional?

Indian sandstone is widely used in landscaping and construction projects as it boasts these advantages or benefits:

1. Exudes Timeless Charm & Natural Beauty

Celebrated for its inherent beauty with a combination of distinctive colour variations, such as warm browns, reds, greens, and greys, this stone allows to create pathways that look visually stunning and complement the outdoor atmosphere.

2. Offers a Plethora of Design Options

Being versatile in nature, the Indian sandstone can be cut and shaped into various sizes which can be arranged in unique designs and patterns for a creative visual appeal. From herringbone pattern to random mosaic or an intricate design, you can choose any style to give your pathway a unique look. Besides, sandstone wall tiles are extensively used to give a decorative touch to the barren walls. You can even combine different sizes and colours of the tiles to create a more creative canvas. It will truly be a visual treat for the eyes!

3. Enhances Safety

When it comes to constructing pathways, safety is paramount. Many property owners prefer using Indian sandstone for pathways as it provides a slip-resistant surface, reducing the chances of slipping accidents. The natural texture of the stone ensures a strong grip and traction even in wet areas, such as pool surrounds, gardens, walkways, etc. With a minimised risk of slipping, homeowners opt for this stone especially when they have elderly family members and kids to take care of.

4. Saves Time & Cost to Maintain

The sandstone floor tiles have always been an attractive choice for indoors and outdoors as they are naturally resistant to stains. In addition, the Indian sandstone pathways can be cleaned using a mild detergent and warm water. A regular sweeping to remove debris will make the pathway look pristine and beautiful. Moreover, this stone doesn’t require frequent repairs and replacements owing to the fact that it is highly durable. As a result, you can save your money, effort, and time.

5. Encourages Longevity & Robustness

Outdoor pathways created using Indian sandstones will continue to serve you for posterity for the reason that this stone is known for its long-lasting attribute. It can withstand extreme weathering, temperature fluctuations, climate changes, etc. If you want to enhance the functioning and appearance of your outdoor space with a pathway that stands the test of time, then swear by the Indian sandstone available with The Stone Flooring at competitive prices.

6. Promotes Sustainability

Being a sustainable building material, Indian sandstone is considered an eco-friendly stone. It is ethically quarried in India with environment-friendly practices that dwindle the negative impact on the environment as compared to some other stones.

Varieties of Indian Sandstone Used for Building Pathways

At The Stone Flooring, we are committed to offering supreme-quality Indian sandstone in a myriad of colours, textures, sizes, and attributes. Some of the popular ones that are used to build pathways are mentioned below:

A. Raj Green

As the name suggests, this type of Indian sandstone features green colour with subtle variations. It has a natural cleft surface with unique veining patterns. Its versatility makes it suitable to be used in other outdoor areas besides pathways.

Raj Green

B. Modak

Characterised by warm tones of pink, red, and beige, this type of sandstone has a smooth, honed surface which provides an elegant and refined appearance to the pathways.


C. Buff Brown

If you want your pathway to appear timeless and classic, then the buff brown sandstone with light to medium brown shades will be an ideal choice. Its consistent texture and colour suits both- residential and commercial properties.

Quick Tips to Maintain the Indian Sandstone Pathways

  • Use regular sweeping to remove the dirt and debris from the pathway.
  • Wash the Indian sandstone pathway using a mild detergent bucket of water to get rid of grime and stains.
  • Avoid using harsh chemicals like bleaches and acids as they may damage the surface or natural finish of the stone.
  • You can even apply a suitable stone sealer to protect the surface from stains.
  • Avoid using high-pressure washers as it may also damage the stone. Hence, stick to gentle cleaning methods.

Why Choose The Stone Flooring to Buy Indian Sandstone for Pathways?

  • The Stone Flooring is a leading manufacturer & exporter of natural stones from India and is widely celebrated for a humongous collection of stones in a variety of finishes, colours, and sizes.
  • We offer customised options to help you meet your design goals and personal decor preferences.
  • Here, we provide a competitive price range for our premium-quality stones. You can request samples and check the quality before placing an order.
  • With our fastest order delivery mechanism, you never have to struggle with late order deliveries to begin with your construction project.
  • Equipped with the latest machines in our factories, we process a wide range of products for construction purposes, such as Sandstone, Limestone, Slate, Quartzite, Marble, and Granite.
  • We have also been accredited with ISO 9001:2015 and SA 8000:2014 certification by TUV Rhineland, Germany.

Don’t wait anymore and choose us to build pathways that make you feel proud and secure on every step. It’s time to transform the appearance of your outdoor space like never before. Place an order now for exclusive discount deals and offers!

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