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Sandstone Floor Tiles

Create a timeless home décor signature with our sandstone floor tiles and stay close to nature. Top-notch in every regard and beautiful beyond words, our sandstone floor tiles collection is filled with hand-picked tiles that can endow every space with a singular personality. With unique patterns, styles, and tones, the tiles will fit naturally with your décor language.

Vintage Barn Grey Antique Sandstone Floor Tiles & Exterior Paving

£ 76.47/m2 £ 57.36/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Autumn Barn Antique Sandstone Floor Tiles & Exterior Paving

£ 75.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Royal Beige Antique Sandstone Tiles

£ 93.75/m2 £ 75.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Abundant Beauty Lies in the Presence of Sandstone Floor Tiles in Homes

From the clean cut and smooth finish to small grains layering up, thereby giving its surface a unique, natural texture, sandstone floor tiles jazz up any space with their splendid presence. Whether you are looking for Indian sandstone paving for indoor use or outdoor patios, driveways, or garden paths, we, at The Stone Flooring, have got your back.

For residential properties or even commercial areas, people prefer garden sandstone paving slabs that give a transformative appearance to patios and gardens. From concrete, and porcelain to natural stones, here you will find everything you must be searching for that too, in a huge variety of hues that will perfectly complement your décor setting.

Are sandstone tiles good? Can sandstone be used for flooring? These questions are bound to crop up in your mind when choosing the material for tiling floors. The reason is the availability of so many other materials like marble kitchen tiles, limestone bathroom tiles, porcelain, sandstone kitchen floor tiles and so on. Well, let us clear your doubts. Natural sandstone tiles are highly durable and can serve you for decades if you maintain them properly. You can even seek help from professionals on fresh sandstone tile flooring ideas to lay them creatively with unique patterns and textures. So, whether you wish to transform your kitchen area, bathroom, or exterior of your space, make sure you visit us to buy nothing but the best.

Inject Soul into Your Living Space with Sandstone Floor Tiles UK

Leaving a lasting impression on guests may be a secret wish that can wait, but feeling good about your living space is truly everyone’s first and foremost desire. The times when you take a relaxing bath to alleviate everyday stress or the moments when you cook your favourite meals, a beautiful ambience plays a crucial role, and that’s exactly when you need sandstone floor tiles. With vast stretches of hues with a feeling of natural earth and rock, using this you can add a touch of natural elements to the interiors.

Apart from this material, you can get your hands on marble bathroom tiles, Quartzite, granite, porcelain, porphyry, encaustic tiles, veneer sheets, etc. Your search for sandstone floor tiles in the UK ends with us. Every product we offer to our invaluable clients ensures top-notch quality, a high level of aesthetics, and a fair price range. With versatility, durability, and functionality, the tiles we sell focus on improving the look of your space like never before.

As interiors speak volumes about your personality and lifestyle choices, you mustn’t leave any stone unturned to scout out the tiles that resonate with your classy preference and home décor. Visit us today, explore our humongous collection, and place an order for your favourite ones without much ado.


  1. What are the maintenance requirements for sandstone floor tiles?

    The longevity and beauty of sandstone floor tiles must be preserved and this can be done easily with regular maintenance. In order to keep your sandstone tiles as good as new, check out the following steps:

    • Regular Cleaning: In order to remove dirt and debris, all you have to do is gently sweep or vacuum the surface.
    • Keep Away From Harsh Chemicals: Stay away from harsh chemicals by mopping the floor with a pH-neutral cleanser. Your sandstone tiles can be damaged by harsh chemicals.
    • Sealing: In order to protect your sandstone floor tiles from stains and moisture, make sure to seal them from time to time.
    • Prevent Scratches: Place protecting pads under your furniture to prevent scratches.
    • Take Care Of Spills Immediately: Blot spills with a clean cloth to avoid stains.

    If you follow these steps, you can definitely keep your sandstone tiles in great shape.
  1. Are Sandstone Floor Tiles Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Use?
    Yes, sandstone floor tiles are a great option for both indoor and outdoor applications. Their elegance and beauty are the major reasons many customers use them for indoor tiling and outdoor decor projects. At The Stone Flooring, we have a huge collection of sandstone floor tiles that you can use for outdoor and indoor projects. However, you need to consider a range of factors like the finish, anti-slippery properties, sealing the tiles, colors, etc., before finalizing them for your outdoor and indoor applications. One of the best ways to check whether these tiles match your requirements is to use our AI visualizer tool on our site. Add the images of the floors, and the tool will let you pick the right color, finish, etc., that match the surroundings and existing decor elements.
  1. What is the price range for TSF sandstone floor tiles?

    At The Stone Flooring, you can find the perfect sandstone tiles that go perfectly within your budget. Our sandstone flooring costs between  €50 to €100 per square meter, so you can  easily find the one to fit your preferences. Now you can pick from a variety of premium sandstone flooring that will not only enhance the beauty of your area but also fit within your budget. 

  1. Do you offer different colors and patterns in the TSF sandstone tile collection?

    Yes! The range of sandstone tiles from The Stone Flooring is like a rainbow of variation. After all, it is important to have options when you are choosing sandstone floor tiles. Our wide range of hues and designs includes beautiful beige, chic grey, and traditional brown, among others

    You can also add your own distinctive style to your home thanks to the diversity of these gorgeous tiles. Sandstone tiles are your blank canvas whether you are going for a warm, homey atmosphere with brown tones or a sleek, contemporary design with grey. Alternatively, you can always try out our AI visualizer tool that allows you to upload a picture of your area and view the look virtually. This way, you can visualize which tiles will look perfect in your space.

  1. Can you provide guidance on selecting the right sandstone tile?

    Of course. Choosing the best sandstone floor tiles is important for your room. Here is some helpful guidance:

    Start by taking into consideration the use and foot traffic of your space. You can go for sturdy sandstone tiles for areas with a lot of traffic such as your living room. Browse through our extensive selection of exquisite sandstone tiles, each with a unique appeal. You are sure to come across something that complements your vision, whether you want the simple elegance of polished sandstone or the rustic appeal of natural textures. As an alternative, you can always try out our AI visualizer tool and upload the picture of the space you are planning to transform. By using this tool, you will be able to see a virtual presentation of how our tiles will look in your area.
  1. Is sandstone better than Limestone?

    Finding the perfect fit for your space is essential when it comes to choosing between sandstone and limestone floor tiles. Sandstone floor tiles offer a special fusion of toughness and immense beauty. They are ideal for those who are looking for a little bit of rustic charm. On the other hand, limestone gives off sophistication and elegance, thereby making it an excellent choice for a rather formal setting.

    Consider your own sense of style and the kind of atmosphere you want to create. Limestone gives a sense of grandeur, while sandstone floor tiles are a timeless classic. The decision ultimately comes down to your preferences and the aesthetic of your room.
  1. Are sandstone floor Tiles slippery?
    Sandstone flooring tiles offer a harmonious fusion of natural beauty and utility. Although there is reason for concern regarding slickness, well-maintained sandstone tile flooring can offer a secure surface. Keep the tiles dry and clean at all times, particularly in places with a lot of traffic. In addition, you can also lay down rugs or mats in wet places to improve traction. The rough surface of sandstone also affects safety because some have surfaces that are inherently non-slippery. So, even though caution is advised, with the right care, you can easily savor the brilliance of sandstone flooring.
  1. What finishes are offered for sandstone floor tiles?
    Indoor sandstone tiles come in a variety of attractive finishes, so you can perfectly fit your space. You can go for a smooth and polished surface or a rather rustic, textured one. Some popular choices are polished finishes with an elegant shine, honed finishes with a smooth, matte appearance, and natural finishes that emphasize the rustic character of the stone. By making these decisions, you can be sure that your sandstone floor tiles will not only jazz up your room but also express your personal style.

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