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Indian Sandstone Paving and Patio Slabs

Find the best Indian sandstone paving slabs for all your home décor requirements. Whether you are trying to bring the natural beauty of sandstone paving slabs to your patio, outdoor feature, or walkway, we got the best ones. Our sandstone patio slabs are also carefully sorted by our team to deliver you more than just beauty and quality. Explore our latest collection to pick the most suitable ones here for all your décor needs.

Rainbow Sandstone Honed Paving Slabs

£ 66.53/m2 £ 49.90/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Rustic Grey Sandstone Natural Cleft Patio Slabs

£ 31.76/m2 £ 27.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Honed Beige Patio Slabs

£ 40.2/m2 £ 34.17/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving

£ 44.96/m2 £ 26.98/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Camel Dust Honed Buff Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 52.51/m2 £ 31.51/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Vintage Barn Grey Antique Sandstone Floor Tiles & Exterior Paving

£ 76.47/m2 £ 57.36/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Camel Dust Sandstone Natural Cleft Buff Paving Slabs

£ 27.60/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Fossil Mint Sandstone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs- Beige

£ 28.80/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Beige Tumbled Paving Slabs

£ 36.95/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Tumbled Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 34.01/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Raj Green Natural Cleft Sandstone Patio Slabs

£ 27.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Autumn Barn Antique Sandstone Floor Tiles & Exterior Paving

£ 75.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Honed Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 41.72/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Fossil Mint Sandstone Tumbled Paving Slabs

£ 33.92/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Natural Cleft Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 30.00/m2 £ 27.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Autumn Brown Natural Cleft Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 36.30/m2 £ 21.78/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Raj Green Natural Cleft Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 29.21/m2 £ 17.53/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Paving Camel Natural Cleft Buff Sandstone Tiles

£ 29.21/m2 £ 17.53/m2 (Inc. VAT)

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Sandstone Paving Slabs: Creating a Seamless Flow of Beauty and Durability

There is a reason why the growing popularity of sandstone paving slabs is showing no signs of slowing down. Apart from giving your outdoor space a timeless elegance and layers of aesthetics, it is one of the most durable materials to design your floors. Composed of small, sand-sized grains of minerals, the Indian sandstone paving slabs make a perfect choice for patios, neat pathways, gardens, pool areas, etc. We, at The Stone Flooring, offer a wide range of colours- from grey floor tiles to create a subtle and rustic look to beige-coloured tiles for a sophisticated appearance. Besides picking grey sandstone paving slabs, you can opt for mint, beige, and other pastel shades for contemporary spaces.

To make your exteriors look extra stylish forever, laying Indian sandstone paving slabs is a great option you can never go wrong with. Coming from the quarries in Rajasthan, a state in India, buying this material is truly an investment that pays for itself for many more years to come. Besides covering floors, layer barren walls with tiles like porcelain wall tiles, marble, quartzite, limestone, and many other materials offered by us. Check out our online collection today, and thank us later.

Use Indian Sandstone Paving Slabs to Create Visual Interest Outdoors

Stone flooring is not only robust and sturdy but also exudes a charming visual appeal that works for both- interiors as well as exteriors. With an enormous collection of floor and wall tiles, our clients trust us the most and never think twice before buying limestone bathroom tiles, marble kitchen tiles, quartzite, porcelain, and sandstone in a variety of finishes, sizes, patterns, and textures. Be it any area of your home, your wish to give it a refreshing look will certainly be fulfilled here. If a major concern regarding the maintenance of sandstone paving is cropping up in your mind, then drop all your worries as once it is properly sealed, it prevents water absorption. Just mop the surface and these tiles will last a lifetime.

Leaving a rich, vibrant, and extraordinary appearance to exteriors, rainbow sandstone paving brings oodles of warmth and unmatched charm of natural stones with diamond-sawn smooth edges. To add an ornamental feature to your sandstone patio slabs, use this type of paving solution which exudes intense swirls and patterns of oranges and purple. Simply search for sandstone paving near me, and you will indeed find us on top searches. Used for landscaping projects, commercial or residential outdoors, at The Stone Flooring, you can get your hands on the best porcelain floor tiles, veneer sheets, and porphyry that will never fail to leave an impact on whoever visits you.

With endless design possibilities, a rustic paving slabs offers a rustic natural look and textured paving with clean edges which not only looks super stylish but is easy to install as well. Transforming your outdoor space with long-lasting and versatile stone, we truly make it beautiful all over again. Discover the latest collection on our website and shop online to set your exteriors as well as interiors apart.



  1. Is sandstone weather resistant?
    Yes, it is. Sandstone is known for its excellent weather resistance, thanks to the concentration of quartz and feldspar. This is why sandstone paving slabs are a reliable choice for outdoor applications.
  1. Does sandstone break easily?
    While sandstone is generally durable, it is important to handle it with care as paving slabs sandstone may break if subjected to excessive force or impact. This nature makes it easy for installation. However, once it is laid, it is hard to break.
  1. Is sandstone slippery when wet?
    Naturally, sandstone slabs are not slippery due to their textured nature. However, they may be slippery under certain wet conditions. Therefore, opt for a textured or honed finish to enhance its slip resistance.
  1. Do you need to seal sandstone?
    Sealing sandstone is recommended to enhance its longevity and protect it from staining. However, the need for sealing depends on the specific type and application. And you can check with a reliable supplier for sandstone paving slabs in the UK, like The Stone Flooring, for more information.
  1. Is Indian sandstone good for paving?
    Indian sandstone paving slabs are regarded for their quality and durability. These properties make them a popular choice for paving projects, in addition to the natural beauty of Indian sandstones paving slabs.
  1. What type of finish do sandstone pavers come in?
    Sandstone pavers come in various finishes, including natural cleft, honed, brushed, tumbled, etc. Each of these finishes offers a distinct look and texture to suit different design preferences.
  1. Can I use sandstone paving slabs around swimming pools?
    Yes, sandstone paving slabs can be used around swimming pools. In fact, sandstone slabs are one of the most preferred tiles for pool area flooring. However, choose a slip-resistant finish and ensure proper installation to enhance safety.
  1. How do I clean stains and spills from sandstone paving slabs?
    Regularly sweep or vacuum the surface, and for stains or spills, use a mild detergent or stone-specific cleaner along with a soft brush or mop. Rinse thoroughly and dry. Instead of detergents, you can also use warm, soapy water for cleaning.
  1. What are the available colors and finishes in sandstone paving?
    Sandstone paving offers a wide range of colors, including shades of beige, brown, gray, and red. Some of the paving slabs sandstone finishes include natural, textured, and smooth, providing versatile options for various design styles. Hence, you have plenty of options to go around with sandstone paving for all types of décor projects.
  1. How durable are sandstone paving slabs?
    Sandstone paving slabs are extremely durable. They are known for their ability to withstand heavy foot traffic, impacts, and scratches. However, proper installation and maintenance are required to further enhance their longevity.
  1. How does the cost of sandstone paving compare to other paving materials?
    Sandstone paving is often competitively priced compared to other natural stone options. However, this is not the most affordable paving slab option out there. When compared to other options, this is an attractive choice for those seeking a balance between quality and cost.
  1. Are sandstone paving slabs prone to cracking or chipping?
    No, under normal conditions. However, sandstone paving slabs, like any natural stone, is susceptible to cracking or chipping if subjected to extreme forces or improper installation. They can last for a long time with proper installation and maintenance.
  1. Can I request samples of sandstone paving slabs before making a purchase?
    Yes, we offer samples of sandstone paving slabs, allowing you to evaluate their color, texture, and suitability for your project before making a purchase decision. Whether you want Indian sandstone paving slabs or any other type, The Stone Flooring offers samples you can check.

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