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5 Reasons Why We Need to Consider Natural Limestone Tiles?

From subtle patterns to peaceful earthy tones, limestone tiles are widely preferred by individuals who dream of creating beautiful architectures and construction designs. 

Before we delve deep into the advantages of considering natural limestone floor tiles, let’s understand what they are made of. Well, limestone is a sedimentary rock which forms over a millions of years from the accumulation of sediments, minerals, and organic materials. 

As this stone can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes, it is widely used for various purposes. Whether you wish to accentuate the visual appeal of the ordinary-looking floors or create countertops and outdoor landscaping, the natural limestone tiles are second to none. With unique variations in designs and patterns, the beauty of limestone tiles is truly unmatched, ensuring that it adds character and depth to your space.

Though there are several other natural stones for flooring, wall cladding, and landscaping, this blog is throwing light upon the five compelling reasons to choose limestone over others. Let’s take a read without further ado!

  • A Sustainable Choice to Safeguard Our Planet

Natural limestone flooring is an eco-conscious choice as it is quarried naturally from the earth. As it is a recyclable material, it can be reused for other applications. When you choose this stone, you not only connect yourself to the eternal charm of Mother nature but take a significant step toward a healthier planet and safe environment. With such responsible buying and ethical practices, you prioritise your well-being and environmental preservation. 

In addition, this stone is highly durable and less prone to damage, which significantly reduces the need for replacements or renovations. As a result, it contributes to minimal waste generation and addresses the environmental impact positively.

limestone tiles UK

  • Ensures Longevity & Durability

The inherent strength of limestone tiles is remarkable owing to the fact that it is primarily composed of calcium carbonate which forms tightly packed mineral grains. This natural composition is the reason behind their sturdiness and robust characteristic. Unlike sandstone floor tiles, limestone is more resistant to abrasion and scratching. As it withstands daily high foot traffic and vehicular loads, natural limestone floor tiles are widely known for their durability. By maintaining structural integrity, long-lasting surface, and aesthetically pleasing appearance, limestone tiles are an excellent choice for busy areas, such as  entryways, driveways, kitchens, and hallways. Even the most famous cathedrals are built using limestone. Serving as lasting testaments to strength, it will remain intact for years to come.

  • Refines Spaces with Timeless Aesthetics and Grace

Exuding the immense power of captivating beauty, limestone tiles are extensively recommended and used by designers for construction projects. From creamy subtle hues to warm beiges, the earthy shades add a touch of elegance & sophistication to spaces, making them look chic and contemporary. This stone transcends all the design fads and trends and is here to stay forever till the time beauty prevails. A perfect canvas for various design themes and decor styles, the natural appearance of this stone creates a sense of harmony in every space.

  • Versatility to Complement Every Decor Style

Stone flooring has a great impact in the way your exteriors and interiors appear. With standout features and ability to blend in with every design style, a limestone can be used in traditional settings as well as in a modern theme. Use neutral and sober colour schemes that go well with the minimalist designs and modern ambience. On the other hand, limestone can also add a rustic charm to farmhouse interiors and industrial-style atmosphere. Its versatility makes it a convenient choice for designers who work with diverse decor settings. The entire world has witnessed the beauty and timeless grace of limestone as the exteriors of the famous Louvre Museum in Paris features limestone cladding. From historic cathedrals to upscale residences, this natural stone has contributed toward several masterpieces since centuries.

natural limestone tiles uk

  • Saves Time That Goes into Cleaning & Maintenance

As we have already mentioned that the natural limestone tiles are resistant to scratches and stains, its intrinsic quality of being a durable material makes it less prone to damage. As a result, naturally it doesn’t have to undergo a stringent cleaning & maintenance regime. Although its durability and natural resistance protects the surface from any damage, it’s important to keep it clean and maintained.

    Make sure you take prompt actions whenever you spot a spill as it will help prevent stubborn staining, which is certainly tricky to get rid of. When we compare natural limestone flooring with other stone flooring materials, the former always wins as it doesn’t require regular sealing. Thus, the limestone is less sensitive to moisture, as a result, it is less demanding than other types of stones. In addition, limestone has minimal grout lines in comparison with other intricate tile patterns that require grout cleaning and resealing.  With reduced maintenance needs, limestone tiles save you a lot of money, time, and effort. With the attributes of longevity and low maintenance, choosing limestone for flooring, countertops, wall cladding, and landscaping is certainly a great investment to make. So, if you are looking for a hassle-free flooring and surface option, look no further and trust us for buying limestone tiles in the UK.

    Besides these 5 reasons, this blog will remain incomplete without mentioning about the health benefits that it brings to us.

    People who suffer from allergies and respiratory sensitivities need to make a conscious choice when it comes to selecting the construction materials for their space. The safest consideration is limestone as it possesses hypoallergenic properties. The smooth surface of this natural stone doesn’t allow dust mites, pollen, and pet dander to settle, which reduces the chances for allergen build up. Thus, it is surely a recommended material for space owners who are afflicted with asthmatic problems. Creating an allergen-free living atmosphere, limestone is conducive to indoor as well as outdoor applications. 

    In addition, being a supreme-quality natural stone, it doesn’t emit volatile organic compounds (VOCs) or harmful chemicals, which affects the quality of air you breathe in. By keeping your indoor environment safe for health, this material promotes a healthier and comfortable ambience for you to enjoy.

    Many construction companies, architects, and interior decorators suggest their valuable clients to use limestone in bathroom floors and shower walls. The reason behind it is its resistance to allergens, mould, and mildew which happens to grow where there is moisture. 

    Besides, limestone is a preferred choice for kitchen counters where food preparation and hygiene are important aspects to keep in mind. The surface of this stone is easy to clean, sanitise, and prevents bacteria growth. Hence, there should be no second thoughts before picking it for your design project. 

    Ensuring a healthy and hygienic living environment, limestone is beyond aesthetics and grace. With multiple benefits and advantages, choose limestone floor tiles in the UK from the country’s best stone supplier. ‘The Stone Flooring’ is a highly trusted brand which is all set to help you redesign, renovate, and transform your living spaces that captivate everyone who visits you. Explore the wide spectrum of choices in colours and patterns, and select the one that deeply resonates with your sense of style and decor preference. Place an order now for exclusive discount offers!

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