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4 Handy Hints before you buy Bathroom tiles

Tile is most likely the best interior decoration article for your bathroom. It combines the best features of both tasteful and functionality. The tiles are available in a variety of sizes, cuts, patterns, colors, and materials, including porcelain stone tiles

The harmony with which colors, shapes, light and shadow, full and empty spaces are integrated is a significant aspect when we organize our bathroom. The wall tiles, particularly the tiles, undoubtedly play an important role. It will take very little to highlight our bathroom simply by going to prettify the existing tiles.

If you're looking for a simple way to coordinate your tile, consider using the same colour and pattern on all of your bathroom surfaces.

If you are looking for more of a unique look, consider using two or three different colors or patterns in various locations throughout your bathroom. This will make your space pop and transform it into something that is truly beautiful.

When choosing which tiles you want to use in your bathroom, keep in mind that they need to work well with each other as well as with the rest of your decor. You don’t want any mismatch between those mediums because they will only look bad together.

However, coordinating bathroom tiles can be challenging if you don't know what to look for. Here are some tips on how to coordinate bathroom tiles:

Selecting the right tile for your room:

When it comes to selecting tile for bathrooms, you will want to consider whether or not you want a traditional look or something more modern. For example, if you have an old fashioned 1950s style bathroom, then a more modern look is probably the way to go. But if you have a modern space and want to add some charm, then looking at traditional designs might be better suited for your needs. 

The very first thing you could perhaps have is a clear vision of how you want your bathroom to look. This vision will direct the purchase of tiles of the appropriate size, colour, and material. For example, bathroom design with a minimalist aesthetic and neutral colour. Patterned bathrooms make use of motif tiles that are combined to form patterns. 

Such bathrooms are one-of-a-kind, and the patterns add to their appeal. Finally, decorative bathrooms employ decorative tiles to achieve a bold or cheerful appearance. These bathrooms have a modern and eclectic appearance.

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Consider The Size

How to choose bathroom tile for small bathrooms?

If you have a small bathroom and want to incorporate some colour into the space then try using a bold patterned tile in the shower area or on the flooring. This gives some interest where there otherwise wouldn't be any and it'll definitely help to add some life into what would otherwise be an empty room.

How many tile patterns should be in a bathroom?

Don't use more than three different tiles.

Typically, you will select a floor tile, a wall tile for the shower/tub surround or possibly all of the walls in your bathroom, and an accent tile that will serve as a focal point. This is merely a suggested course of action. 

It's okay to err on the side of safety sometimes.

Tile size and shape of the flooring.

Before you begin to look at bathroom tiles online, you should think about the size of the tiles you want. Bathroom tiles are available in a multitude of sizes, with different dimensions so, if you don't decide on the size ahead of time, you'll be swamped by all the options. So, to avoid tile-size confusion, ensure you measure the correct way. 

If you have other items in the same room with your shower areas like sinks or toilets, then using larger-sized tiles may be best suited for keeping everything organized and tidy while still looking attractive enough so people won't feel claustrophobic when using these items in the same space. 

Here are some of the best tiles for shower walls, ceramic and porcelain tiles are ideal for shower walls, they also make excellent shower floors due to their waterproof and non-slip properties when glazed.

Complementary bathroom tiles

The key to coordinating bathroom tiles is finding ones that have similar hues, patterns and textures. You can also choose tiles that coordinate with your other decor elements. For example, if you have a striped rug in your bathroom, consider using striped wall tile as well. It will help tie everything together while still leaving plenty of room for personalization!

Should bathroom floor and wall tiles match?

If you're looking to coordinate bathroom tiles, it's important to choose a shade that works with your other decor.

The best way to do this is by matching the tile colour with the wall and flooring. For example, if your bathroom is painted in a light blue or green, then you should go for light grey tiles. This will give the room a more neutral feel and won't compete with other colors in your room.

Many Types Of Tiles Are A No-Go.

Once you've decided on your feature tile, consider only one or two other tiles to enhance it. You'll need to create positive that the complementary tiles do constant – too several daring tiles in an exceeding space can create too many focal points, therefore, one thing neutral, plain, or just rough ought to do nicely here, permitting your stand-out tile to require a centre stage. Many of our degrees comprise some of tile styles and patterns purposely to praise every different flawlessly for a smooth manner to a cohesive look.

Sample Before A Collective Order

After viewing them on a virtual tool, try to obtain samples of the ones you're interested in and put them out on the floor or the walls to get a real sense of how they look, as well as trying to ensure that they come as you have visualized. Smaller tiles are recommended for small bathrooms, while larger tiles are reserved for larger rooms. As a result, your design will not be too massive for the space.

Tip! To keep your tiles shiny, simply clean them with warm water regularly to prevent dirt build-up, and sweep them down after every use to avoid water damage.

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