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Limestone Bathroom Tiles

Give your bathroom a stunning finish with our great selection of limestone bathroom tiles, designed to suit any bath or shower setting. Buy natural stone bathroom tiles from a range of dark, veined tones to subtle neutral tones. Free delivery for orders on and above £499.

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24/7 Customer Support Team

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Money Back Guarantee (T&Cs Applied)

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100% Secure Payment

Free Shipping on orders above £499

Free Shipping on orders above £499

Limestone Bathroom Tiles- A Class Apart

Technically speaking, limestone being a sedimentary rock, is made from a combination of calcium carbonate containing minerals. This beautiful and hard wearing natural stone tends to vary from lighter hues of white and pale yellow to darker coloured stones that help in creating bathrooms that are sophisticated yet give off an earthy appeal.

In ancient times, this was predominantly used in Europe for construction of churches and cathedrals, however with the passage of time, its usage and availability has increased immeasurably in India too with its ancient appeal intact, and The Stone Flooring limestone bathroom tiles doing just that!

What makes Limestone Tiles our Favorite?

The combination of colours, tone and classy finishes that a bathroom limestone tile offers is simply unbeatable. But at the same time you need to be very sure about the type of bathroom you want, as each type of finish and colour will give you a different looking bathroom. But worry not; our in-house experts are here to help you with some limestone tiles bathroom ideas too!
The limestone tiles for bathroom are available in Tumble, Honed, Tumbled and Brushed, Honed and Brushed and Machine Cut Riven finishes. Each leaving a different effect on the bathroom.

If you want your bathroom to have a rustic yet an aged appeal, we suggest a tumbled or a tumbled and honed finish.  Use colours that are on the extreme ends of the colour palette, think creams and greys. Add an antique mirror or a bathtub to complete the look!

A Honed or Honed and Brushed limestone bathroom tile is for a classy yet contemporary looking bathroom. These types of finishes give off a smoother yet shinier looking bathroom. Use these limestone bathroom tiles horizontally or vertically and add a design tile to finish off the look!

A Machine Cut Riven finish combines the rustic charm of a riven surface but with cleanly cut edges. It’s best when used on a patio but one could easily use it as a bathroom tile too for a cleaner yet antique looking bathroom.

To help you with the best bathroom tile collection, ensure to use our 3-D Visualization Technique and our Paving Calculator to ascertain the quantity of limestone bathroom tiles you need before you are ready to shop online with us. For a better feel of the material, we recommend connecting with our experts to get a free sample too!

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