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Virtualisation Tool

Virtualisation Tool

Building the home of your dreams is a once in a lifetime experience. Already at the design stage, you need to know what your kitchen, patio or wall will look like after installation is complete. The difference between imagination and reality can be very intimidating. So, to make it easier, TSF brings in a customised Virtual tool.

TSF new visualisation feature provides visualisation-based design and product selection.
The visual tool lets you instantly see the difference in colour and pattern by simply taking a picture of a selected room or surface with your phone. You can also download pre-saved rooms or choose one of our sample room sets for inspiration. Our online visualisation tools are easy to use and only require a few simple steps. Just follow them!

Step 1
To visualize the tiles and their appearance in your room, take a picture with your phone camera or upload an existing room. A choice of bathrooms, kitchens, hallways and outdoor spaces is also available.
Step 2
Experiment with tile rotation, change placement patterns or place other tiles in our range. You can search through the different enclosed areas or add walls to choose from our different collections. Just search for "kitchen" or "wall" to find it! If you're looking for something specific, use the search box or filter to narrow your search.
Step 3
Return to the product page for more information or order a tile sample directly through our visualizer. Capture your dream walkway, and, feel happy about the pick that is made until you turn it into a reality.