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Indian Sandstone Tiles

Mint Sandstone Beige Tumbled Paving Slabs

£ 36.95/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Honed Beige Patio Slabs

£ 40.2/m2 £ 34.17/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Fossil Mint Sandstone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs- Beige

£ 28.80/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Beige Sawn Paving Slabs

£ 33.73/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Beige V-Shape Wall Cladding

£ 33.15/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Beige Wall Cladding (10-30mm)

£ 58.90/m2 £ 47.12/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Raj Green Natural Cleft Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 29.21/m2 £ 17.53/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Raj Green Tumbled Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 34.99/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Raj Green Natural Cleft Sandstone Patio Slabs

£ 27.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Paving Slabs- Textured

£ 45.78/m2 £ 27.47/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Fossil Mint Sandstone Tumbled Paving Slabs

£ 33.92/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Hammered Beige Wall Cladding

£ 47.8/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Raj Green Honed Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 50.73/m2 £ 30.43/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Modak Sandstone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs

£ 30.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Choose Kandla Grey Indian Sandstone for Beautiful Outdoors

Composed of sand-sized silicate grains, sandstone is a sedimentary rock which is highly durable and is used extensively for construction projects. Displaying a mesmerizing range of tones that enliven the exteriors of residential and commercial spaces, Kandla Grey Sandstone is one of its types which is undoubtedly the most sought-after style of stone paving imported from the quarries in India. Ideal for paths, gardens, yards, and patios, kandla grey Indian sandstone is hardwearing, and thus adds a traditional feel and fills the outdoor area with oodles of character and strength. Providing a bucketful of design opportunities, you can get creative with stunning natural stone flooring ideas available online. From ivory and cream to brown and buff, you will find a plethora of options in Indian sandstones, but a kandla grey Indian stone has its unique rustic charm with riven finish that will enhance the appearance of your exteriors in an instant.

The moment you search for kandla grey Indian sandstone near me, you will always find ‘The Stone Flooring’ on top searches as we are the UK’s leading natural stone company with years of industry experience and a huge client base. Whether you want paving slabs to give your outdoors a phenomenal visual appeal or wish to create interiors that remind you of swanky homes featured in home decor magazines, here you will be gently served with a vast collection of wall and floor tiles. No matter what your preferences are concerning kandla grey paving slabs, you will be served with the right size, tone, and texture that will suffice your demands perfectly. From a mix of light blues and pale to mellow greys that look soothing to the eyes, choose a quintessential shade to make your outdoors uber attractive.

Fossil Mint Sandstone: Boasting Natural Tones that Win Your Heart

With diverse applications in construction assignments, sandstone is a popular choice for building facades, temples, statues, paving, landscaping, flooring and wall cladding. With weather-resistant properties and hard-wearing nature, it is most suitable for outdoors. Apart from kandla grey sandstone, one can vouch for mint sandstone which flaunts the greenish-yellow and buff colours. The mint Indian sandstone can easily be blended with warm mosaic and pastel tones. Boasting a variety of oranges, gold, and buff, this sandstone provides a soothing finish to any garden or patio. It is also an excellent choice for interiors to make countertops and sinks. The unique fern-like fossil figures, especially found on the Fossil Mint Sandstone give it a distinctive appearance.

With easy availability in diverse sizes, edge and surface finishes, it has high demand in the global market. To spoil you for choices, we offer white mint, desert mint, yellow mint, and fossil mint paving slabs so that you can design your space just the way you desire.

Raj Green Indian Sandstone: An Epitome of Beauty, Durability, and Strength

With a facade of earthy, sage greens, grey and natural browns, Raj green Indian sandstone is a well-liked and versatile sandstone that works well for standard-looking patios, pathways, and driveways. With the hand-cut riven finish of Raj green paving slabs, you can achieve a stylish yet classic visual appeal in your exterior area. Exuding neutral tones that go well with greenery and natural outdoor spaces, you can opt for raj sandstone without giving it a second thought.

With a bagful of options available in the different types of sandstones, we, at The Stone Flooring, are indeed the ultimate destination that ensures quality natural stones in a variety of sizes and hues. We always prioritize customer satisfaction over anything else, and thus we never leave any stone unturned in providing you with top-notch quality natural stones from the quarries of India. With our deep knowledge and profound understanding of stones, every category we offer is free from faults and imperfections. So, what are you waiting for? Discover our huge collection of natural sandstone tiles and other splendid options available with us online, such as sandstone bathroom floor tiles, sandstone kitchen floor tiles, sandstone wall tiles etc and pick the one that sets your exteriors apart. Show now from our website to avail yourself of exciting offers!

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