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Black Limestone Decorative Garden Stones 25-50mm

£14.99 /Bag


Introduce a touch of nature into your home with these naturally beautiful black limestone pebbles. Carefully sourced from around the world and crafted to perfection, their unique colour and texture will bring timeless elegance to any space. Perfect for rock gardens, paths, edging, and general landscaping, these pebbles add character and charm wherever they’re placed. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching addition or an accent for a corner vase of your residence, let the captivating limestone pebbles do the rest.

Whether placed as accents in garden beds, around decks or patios, or integrated as part of a water feature, black limestone pebbles bring show-stopping style to the decor journey.

The natural texture and smooth edges of these beautiful stones add texture and definition to the area, while their deep black colour creates a striking contrast against the surrounding plants and foliage. Plus, they won’t fade in the sun or over time, making them an excellent long-term investment for your landscape.

Their distinctive black hue stands out among other materials, adding visual interest wherever they are used. With their natural texture, these pebbles are also highly practical for landscaping; their fine consistency makes them easy to clean and care for over time.

These natural stones are also perfect for use in fish tanks and aquariums. No matter what your decor needs, black limestone pebbles offer a unique solution that will take your home to the next level.

Create an unforgettable look with The Stone Flooring’s black limestone pebbles today!









Surface Finish & Edge Finish

Smooth & Tumbled

Suitable for

Water features, Aquariums, Garden, Walkways


Decorative, smooth, tumbled


Mix Size