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Taupe Tumbled Porphyry Floor Tiles

£ 80.7/m2 £ 75.05/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Give your kitchen a unique look and style with porphyry kitchen tiles

If you love unconventional kitchens with practicality as the focus, porphyry stone floor and wall tiles are an exceptional choice. A natural stone, porphyry has slowly built a legacy of charm and elegance when used in interior spaces. Porphyry tiles add a striking sophistication to kitchens and work equally well in traditional and modern settings.

Porphyry is made up of metal deposits like gold and copper, which gives every stone a signature colour. A mix of brown, grey and beige, porphyry is a special natural stone with colours and patterns like no other. To really make kitchens stand apart, and to bring in a high level of sustainability and utility, porphyry stone tiles are the way to go.

Benefits of using porphyry for kitchen wall and floor tiling

Porphyry has gained popularity in kitchen tiling owing to its durability. It is composed of tiny porphyry deposits, which when compressed create a dense stone that absorbs very little water and is resistant to damage and daily wear and tear. Porphyry texture is soft and doesn’t weather or fade easily, since the colours and patterns are all locked in during the natural creation process. Porphyry makes for great kitchen wall tiles because it can last for a very long time, and is also easy to clean with a simple wipe down with a damp cloth. It’s a tough stone, so it works wonderfully well in outdoor kitchens as well.

Visit The Stone Flooring for premium porphyry kitchen tiles UK

Natural porphyry benefits aside, our tiles are finished with an anti-slip coating which adds another layer of protection. The stone slabs are run through a tumbling machine to achieve the right texture, so porphyry floor tiles are not only comfortable under your feet, but also provide security against slipping.

Nevertheless, we ensure that the natural qualities of the stone always shine through. The Stone Flooring is renowned for its superior collection of natural stones in an array of colours and styles. Log on to our website and browse through our extensive range of hand chiselled and delicately finished porphyry kitchen tiles online that create a charming indoor and outdoor ambience. Buy now to make a bold statement with your kitchen.

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