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Surface Finish

Edge Finish

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Surface Finish

Edge Finish

Rustic Copper Slate Patio Sawn Riven

£ 36.63/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Black Limestone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs

£ 23.81/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Honed Beige Patio Slabs

£ 34.17/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Natural Cleft Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 27.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kota Blue Limestone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs

£ 26.40/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Sawn Sandstone Paving

£ 44.96/m2 £ 26.98/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Rainbow Sandstone Honed Paving Slabs

£ 49.90/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Rustic Grey Sandstone Natural Cleft Patio Slabs

£ 27.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Autumn Brown Sandstone Natural Cleft Brown Paving Slabs

£ 34.52/m2 £ 25.20/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Mint Sandstone Beige Tumbled Paving Slabs

£ 36.95/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Fossil Mint Sandstone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs- Beige

£ 28.80/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Granite Shotblasted Black Paving Slabs

£ 63.68/m2 £ 54.13/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Honed Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 49.08/m2 £ 41.72/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Charcoal Sandstone Natural Cleft Garden Slabs & Exterior Paving

£ 42.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Modak Sandstone Natural Cleft Paving Slabs

£ 42.85/m2 £ 30.00/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Camel Dust Sandstone Natural Cleft Buff Paving Slabs

£ 27.60/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kota Blue Textured Tumbled Limestone Paving Slabs

£ 45.80/m2 £ 27.48/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Kandla Grey Tumbled Sandstone Paving Slabs

£ 34.01/m2 (Inc. VAT)

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