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Black Wall Tiles

Black Limestone Honed Metro Wall Tiles

£ 67.69/m2 £ 60.92/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Stardust Grey Sandblasted Quartzite Floor Tiles

£ 69.41/m2 £ 64.55/m2 (Inc. VAT)

Black Wall Tiles: Infusing Dramatic Visual Appeal with Elegance

With ingredients like mystery, elegance, strength, and sophistication, black is a colour that is often associated with darkness. Having said that, it is a colour that adds oodles of interest to any room. To give an unconventional and fancy touch to a room, use black wall tiles, and you’ll have a myriad of reasons to feel proud of your décor choice.

Most people believe that installing black wall tiles in bathroom, kitchen, or any other area of the house will make their spaces look dark, gloomy, and small. However, if you use gloss black wall tiles, then their shine will reflect light and brighten up the space. Moreover, these will work as a base for lighter tones to create a wonderful contrast.

Owing to their growing popularity, finding authentic black wall tiles in UK at reasonable prices isn’t as easy as eating a pie. But we, at The Stone Flooring, have made it easy for you. Your search for the best matt black wall tiles UK ends with us. Take a look at our gargantuan collection, and you’ll know why you should trust us when it comes to tiling floors and walls.

An Array of Designs and Styles in Black Wall Tiles That Create Magic

Perfect to add drama to a mundane, lifeless space, black wall tiles match any type of décor setting, making it even more magical to look at. For all of us, the living room is certainly that area of the house that speaks volumes about our personality and choices. Thus, if you want to leave an impact on your guests by giving this area a profound depth and integrated texture, then buy black wall tiles for living room, and breathe new life into your space.

Of late, people prefer creative black wall tiles designs for kitchen, bathroom, living room, etc. Do you like to play safe or enjoy experiments? If the latter is your choice, then go for black wall tiles which are used extensively in residences and offices these days. Whether it is limestone or quartzite, here, you will get several materials to choose from in different finishes and patterns. From glossy to matt, large to small, find every style and size of black tiles to suit your requirements.

From hiding the dirt or grime to providing evident depth to the interiors, black is the colour you can totally swear by when it comes to tiling your floors and walls. So, don’t wait anymore. Visit The Stone Flooring today, let us turn your dream home into a reality.

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