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560 x FL Pack (420-840) x 22mm (Actual Area 15.84 m2)

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1.11 M²

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£3.99 per tile per pattern
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Black limestone is a beautiful natural stone that adds a splash of colour to any flooring arrangement. The Antique Black Limestone with a timeless finish will transform the atmosphere of your room and give it a striking, contemporary finish.
• Known for its durability the limestone is perfect for ground floor areas and entrance spaces and is always a choice for interior designers and home owners.
• The antique finish is created using one-of-a-kind techniques. This gives the stone an old world charm as if it has been polished with the leather soles that have walked over it for years. This worn look with years of foot traffic is found on stones around many old buildings and houses in England, Scotland and Wales.
• The Stone Flooring is proud to be your one-stop shop for natural stone paving and floor tiles. We can advise you on the most appropriate and beautiful natural stones for your living spaces, all while staying within your budget.