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5 Latest Bathroom Tile Trends to Watch When Renovating Your Bathroom

No matter if you are revamping your home décor or just trying to add a new look to your bathroom, natural stone bathroom tiles are so fun. They can add a singular sense of color to your bathroom.

They can also inject a unique personality into your bathroom and take your bathroom to a whole new level of style and vigor if you go with the latest trends.

But what are the latest bathroom tile trends you can check out?

Well, we have got your back. We took the time and effort to scour the industry and came up with a few bathroom tile trends that everyone is going gaga over now.

Let’s find them out!

5 Latest Bathroom Tile Trends

Trend #1: Neutral Stone Tiles

Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

Everyone is obsessing over neutral stone tiles now, and they are doing a great job because neutral stone tiles are an impressive choice for bathrooms. These tiles are both inviting and functional, a characteristic that all bathrooms need.

But there is more to these neutral stone tiles. They are highly versatile.

If you have ever tried neutral stone tiles in décor, you know that they go with almost all colors. So, you can combine them with any color of your choice. What bliss! Well, except maybe red, but even that’s debatable.

Neutral stones have a clean and orderly look. This ensures that these tiles can go pretty much with any décor style you want to experiment with in your bathroom. And results will often pleasantly surprise you.

They are also elegant with a timeless feel. Whether you are trying to make a large bathroom immaculate or a tiny bathroom out of the ordinary, neutral stone tiles are one of the best tiles for your bathroom space.

Trend #2: Try Geometric Shapes

Bathroom Tiles

No matter where you look now, you can see geometric shapes. As they are also extremely common to get in natural stone tiles, you don’t have to break the bank to get them. Geometric tiles are also a global phenomenon. And you will find them anywhere, from hotels, restaurants, homestays, and whatnot.

While many people use geometric shapes as an accent piece, you can do much more with them. It can be the central attraction, too. But the key is to find one shape you love and create a theme across your bathroom with it. To take it a notch ahead, you can choose the shape for your accessories like mirrors, hangers, closets, etc.

It’s your bathroom, what’s stopping you?

Another way to go chic with your bathroom tile is to get custom natural stone bathroom tiles. It might be a bit expensive, but it is surely one of the coolest  idea that you must try.

 Trend #3: Extended Tiles

Who says that your natural stone bathroom tiles must stay on your wall? Why can’t you extend it onto the wall, right? We think that sounds fantastic Apparently, many others in the industry find it exciting too. And it’s catching up as one of the most preferred bathroom tiles trends.

It is great to add a unique visual interest and mesmerizing texture to your whole bathroom. When your floor and wall combine to create an unending visual design, everyone is going to love it.

Although many people already extend natural stone bathroom tiles to half of the wall, here the idea is to cover the entire walls with tiles leaving no gap. The bathroom will surely have a clean and elegant look with a single design and color pattern.

Add a few accessories with a minimalistic feel, and you will indeed have a masterpiece.

 Trend #4: Large Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles

In the last few years, homeowners have begun to ditch small tiles for large ones for their bathroom décor. The small, intricate patterns are being quickly replaced with large tiles having extended patterns that run seamlessly.

One reason for this change is the full-scale effect that these large tiles can offer. With large tiles, the grout lines are minimal, creating an unhindered look for the wall. This also translates to a clean and superbly seamless finish, which is something everyone loves now.

Another reason many homeowners go with large bathroom tiles is the reduced labor and time. Yes, that’s right. Imagine the time you would take to finish a wall when you have a hundred tiles instead of just 2 or 4.

Yea, efficiency wins here, as well.

 Trend #5: Wood-Effect Tiles Keep Vibing

Did you really think we are going to end this post without the evergreen trends that will never go away? We hope not.

People that want to have a natural look and finish for their bathroom love wood-effect tiles. While you can go with a variety of patterns and styles, people prefer parquet-style designs. You will find multiple colors and shades suitable for your bathroom’s singular décor needs.

Oh, they are also extremely functional, hard-wearing, non-porous, and easy to clean. Something every homeowner would love all their tiles to have.

 Wrapping Up

Whether you are looking to revamp your home or bathroom space, trends can always help you. They can tell you what’s happening in the field right now and what you can do to bring a fresh perspective to your décor.

We hope that the bathroom tile trends we have discussed above help you plan your bathroom décor project quickly and make your bathroom impressive.

Also, remember that when looking for natural stone bathroom tiles, always go with the best one to ensure durability and longevity. Explore the latest collection at The Stone Flooring for the best natural stone bathroom tiles.

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